Mike Reed’s New Quartet Workshop!!

mike reed workshopI think all our hearts jumped a little in excitement over this new project of Mike’s. The outlines of this project, called SOUND OF CITY workshop, who contains 4 highly talented musicians: Cameron Pfiffner, Nick Mazzarella, Joshua Abrams & Mike Reed, is as follows:

This new quartet have taken on the challenge of performing music created over the last 15 years. In making the workshop there will be online material, and the project aims to start archiving the current music in the improvisational and jazz genre.

The workshop is open to experienced musicians and are inviting improvisational performers and creative practitioners of jazz and improvisational music. So if you fit the profile, hurry as it takes place first on Wednesday the 10th September.
And the last thing, another one of the reasons to us being such great fans of Mike Reed, this workshop is free for all participants, just make sure you check it up and that you are there on time!

Compiling the perfect playlists for our lock call outs

Although many of us love our work, there are always times which are arduous. We feel a little under the weather, or we are just having a tired day. For lock specialists and security locksmith technicians there are many late nights. In these times they describe their music playlist as a saviour. Something to help give them energy for a busy night. Or, something to calm them in hectic times of lockouts, lock changes and alarm repairs.

To put together a perfect playlist for any mood is close to impossible. As the human mind, like a lock change, switches often, and fast. But with the tracks Reed puts out, there are many multi mood tunes there.

” I’ve heard all of his work and I can only say that when I’m out working in the van that it’s all I listen to!” MG, locksmith.

Songs which have narrative, though and intelligence. Just as a skilled security locksmith or alarm technician who is helping you with a lock and security installation. Precision is key.

Music and security into the new millenniaWhat many security professionals suggest is to mix it up. Using shuffle functions or simply by numbering their own tracks. Giving the play list a logical order. Something that you can easily get into during the time it takes to go from one lockout or lock change job to another.

Taste in music is personal, just as taste in security features at home is an individual idea. They need to be custom made. Luckily with music, it’s easy. With security it’s not quite that simple. Best is always to speak to a security technician who likes jazz. Of course the latter is no requirement, but it denotes a capable worker who enjoys the complexity, narrative and surprise of music whilst performing high security work for you.

A bit more about The Tree house Project and The Picture Show!

the picture showAs mentioned earlier, Mike Reed was involved with a group of musicians known as The Tree house project, and the album they produced is called The Picture Show. This project is somewhat evidential to that there is a new jazz era spreading in the 21st century.

This concept album is very unique, and listening to it, just for the experience even if it’s not completely in line with your own type of music style, is definitely something that we here at the Mike Reed fan page recommends to anyone. Of course if possible, this experience is best with the attached pictures of this cross contemporary and collaborative project.

Seeing Mike Reed involved with something like this also more shows his willingness to collaborate, and work with different styles and different methods. This too is something we respect in Mike Reed, and something that we want to share and show to his other fans. So if you haven’t yet, see if you can get a hold of this interesting piece consisting of this interaction between sound and imagery, we highly recommend it!

Following Mike Reed online

mike reed digital jazzSo when it comes to our biggest favorite musician Mike Reed, we’d just like to let you know that there are many different online channels which are active and gets updated with the latest. We are happy to recommend and suggest some good ones to you, that we make regular use of.

Starting with one of the bigger social media platforms out there, of course finding Mike on facebook will give you the latest stuff, and you can find out exactly what Mike is up to, what project he is involved in and what is upcoming, in terms of gigs and live music. You can also find Mike on various other social media sites like linked in, twitter etc. But the facebook page for People places and things is the one which is most up to date, and always active.
If you are interested in following the wider jazz news, we can also recommend you go to the jazz calendar, which will summarise all big, and many small more intimate jazz performances.

When did Jazz music start?

When it comes to trying to place the where jazz music began, it’s not an easy task, and there are many different views and opinions out there. But if you bring it to the more general scope of things, the culture, and the music started taking shape at the very start of the 20th century. Although the oldest jazz recording you can find were not made until almost 2 decades later.

If one is to believe the claims of those who were listening at the time, then jazz music started at the turn of the century, however what is has been recorded and stated from the ear witnesses is often vague, and vary widely from person to person, so the origin of jazz remains somewhat of a mystery, at least in the time when it really started. There is one early jazz band, fairly famous, called Buddy Bolden’s band, however they have no recorded sounds, and again, it’s hard to find tangible proof. But believing it happened during the time entering a new century, is somewhat romantic and something which we are happy to leave a bit open in interpretation.

mike reed - boden band

Jazz harmony

mike reed jazz harmonyWe want to give you a little information on the theory of jazz, as we here believe that you can never know too much. And the more you know the better you will become, not only as a musician, but as a listener as well. So jazz harmony refers to the theory and practice of how jazz music is built up. When it comes to jazz, more often than not the music tends to favor progression and use scales of the ninth, eleventh and thirtieth chords.

The arrangement is often vertical between the major and minor scales. This may be Greek to you, however if you sometime catch yourself drawing upon this, you may find that you recognize it in listening. But of course this is only a guideline, and each individual musician has their own way of building their jazz music. And as with any genre of music, there are infinite possibilities, and every song, sound and theory is of course also different!

Crowd funding idea for Mike Reed!

mike reed crowdfundingWhen it comes to funding any type of artistic project, especially in the area of music, which is a flooded market. A market where the value of music and the work put in by the musicians does not reflect the wage of the artist at hand.

It can be difficult to get things rolling.This is why we offer the idea of crowd funding to the public, not only for the benefit of Mike Reed, and us, as his fans, but to the benefit of musicians all over the world. So in raising awareness of this idea, meaning basically that the artist would propose the project at hand, and those who are interested in the project donate for the benefit of the project. Say for instance the recording of a new album, where a musician for instance may need time in a studio to record, funds for marketing and PR etc. This way of funding artistic and musical projects is something we support, and we urge our followers to keep an eye out for any projects which our favourite Mike Reed would need some financial assistance with.

Exploring the jazz genres

jazz genresAs you may or may not know, the jazz genre is a vast and widely spread one where countless of different styles of jazz has derived. We thought we would dedicate a few words to a couple of genres you might be interested in if you are a fan of Mike Reed.

The bebop blues is a commonly loved genre which we would recommend to anyone who likes the music of Mike Reed, then there is also the blues funk, which to some may be known as Funk Jazz which is one of our favourites here. Lastly we would like to offer our recommendations towards boogie woogie, maybe not as close in style, so it’s different, but still amazingly good. So please have a look around and enjoy your time exploring the genres of jazz, hopefully we’ll be giving some more recommendations shortly as sharing music is always something we do with pleasure, for pleasure.

Mike Reed’s Tree house Project and The Picture Show

mike reed tree houseWe would like to give you some information on the Tree house Project, as it was called, which Mike Reed was involved with in 2002. This is partially an interdisciplinary projects, and the tunes are collected on a 3 CD set, which shows that music and art is something that can blend seamlessly together.

The Tree house Project is a turn on The Picture show, which has one specific picture attached to each tune on the album. This shows a story, from which The Tree house project takes off. In other words the music reflects the picture, and in this project, of course the music goes on in improvisation, however in this improvisation the theme of the picture also extends and it leads into an interesting concept. And this is something which brings a different set of associations to mind than most usual. It’s a very interesting project, and something that we will speak more about at a different time, just thought it was worth a mention as something outside of the ordinary which Mike Reed has been involved with.

Although installing a plumbing system with pipes and a boiler may not be suitable for a tree house. There is still the option of having something installed. With the use of gravity, the right pipes for the job, and perhaps the right cosmetic exterior. A tree house can be endowed with beautiful decoration. Which serve a practical drainage purpose.

Pipe modifications, and a mechanical plumbing engineer can assist with the job. If you happen to have a tree house which needs the plumbing installed. The water and drain system of your tree house may even be connected to the mains if your build is of more permanent nature.

What we are communicating here. Is that no matter what plumbing job you need assistance with. A reliable professional, expert in flow, drainage, unblocking and anything else you can think of. Thanks to Plumber Bristol Nigel for supporting the website. Is who can help you. The only thing you will have to do yourself is provide the tunes.

Music is about dreams. And making dreams come true. Not the super hero dreams of childhood. But the more realistic dreams of being able to help homes and locals with their plumbing. No matter what their requirements are. Or dreams about learning to play that slow passage on the violin. That part which make frozen pipes melt and loosens clogs and backwash.

Keep dreaming is what we say. But if you lack the proper skill. Come to a professional to get the job done right. Listen to the skill and flow of Reed’s drumming and see the quick precision pipe unblocking or installation that plumbing technicians can help you with in your home.

Performing with the legends

mike reed profileAnother testament to the skill, dedication and the love for jazz that it’s clear that Mike Reed holds, are the many legendary musicians he has performed with. Having been active and involved in the musical jazz scene for soon 2 decades he has had many regular performances with both local legends and artists from other parts of the world. If you are familiar with the jazz scene then you must know of names like Fred Anderson, Nicole Mitchell, Josh Abrams, Rob Mazurek, David Boykin, Jeff Parker and many more. All of which Mike has shared a stage with.

And this is before even mentioning the acclaimed groups which are under the direction of Mike Reed himself, Loose Assembly and People, Places & Things. However you know as well as we do, that if you are looking to find the stature of a musician, all you need to do is listen, and catch a performance if you have the opportunity.

Challenges of Jazz

jazz color artMany say that jazz is the hardest style of music to play. And we decided to discuss this question if this is true whilst listening to a Mike Reed tune, the one we went for was the live performance at the Jazz festival in 2010, performed on the 4th of September. The rhythm of course very complex, and we were as impressed as ever by the performance of Mike Reed and the Myth Science Assembly. Working with difficult mixed scales, creating a great sound from the interaction between the musicians. With regards to if it’s the hardest style to play, we believe it might be a matter of definition, as for instance it’s often not fast to the ear. And for instance in other fast genres like metal music, the drumming and rhythm is extremely complex and extremely fast, requiring speed and precision, but when it comes to jazz, you also require the feeling. Something that Mike Reed definitely brings every time. So it may not be the technically hardest due to the speed, but it is by far the most intricate interplay between people, sound and musicality.


Living by Lanterns, by Mike Reed

living-by-lanterns mike reedIn a project was set up by Mike reed, in which he invited several musicians from different places to work on this project with. The project is called living by lanterns features Jason Adasiewicz as well as Mike Reed. They are working with material based on rare Sun Ra sounds and tunes, not so commonly met with in public. In this they make their own arrangements and put their own twist on the sound. Making it sound fresh, and very much with the times. Mike reed is seemingly always involved with some sort of project, and he is invaluable when it comes to getting people together and working for the same passion. A man by the name of John Corbett, as the story goes, uncovered a bunch of tapes, writings and artwork from at the Sun Ra school. This as it was going to be discarded as rubbish. The recordings that were made are like rehearsal tapes, and they have never before been published or seen. So a thank you to Mike Reed, for bringing us more interesting and unrevealed treasures.

Why we love the Jazz and Mike Reed

love jazzWe would like to take a moment to let you know what we find enjoyable and interesting about jazz, which seems to be in line with what many lovers of this green of music would agree on.
First and foremost jazz is one of the best and foremost interesting genes of music in our view. The reason being that the variety and the instantaneous creativity and skill of the musicians creates something which is perceived in the moment of creation. It’s a wonderful feeling which will always be transported and shared amongst us jazz lovers. The rhythm, which our dear Mike Reed always keeps interesting and changing, just as the melodies and rhythm of the melodies. This unset and unpredictable musical piece brings a feeling of creativity and impulsiveness. We also see this as a form of freedom, a freedom of expression.
By many jazz is called music for thinkers. It’s often very complex, and rich. Jazz music for us is engulfed in soul and full of life. We see jazz, and Mike reed very inspiring, and the sounds created are highly stimulating for the body and soul.

If you ever go to the Place

mike reed chigagoIf you should ever decide to go, make sure to do so when Mike Reed has a gig scheduled of course, however as you may already know. The jazz scene is a rich one, and you will be able to find many different styles and types of jazz, some of which you may like, and some not so much. If you do ever find yourself going there, one of the places that’s been raved and ranted about much in the past is The Green Mill. So if there is time and space in your journey, make sure to pay a visit to this venue when there is something going on.
The Green Mill: A legendary jazz cocktail lounge which is sure to provide a versatile night. With a rumba room upstairs, a dance floor downstairs and a very memorable windmill on the roof there is not much more you can ask for. And they when there is a night on, they are always keeping it running until the early hours of the morning.

Another venue which deserves a quick mention here is The Elastic Arts Foundation. This venue is under the umbrella music series, and prides itself in being a non commercial venue, for non commercial jazz music. Keeping it close to the music, and close to the heart, is something which they put in practice perfectly here.

Lastly, we would also like to mention The Hungry Brain. Also involved with Umbrella music you are sure to be able to catch Mike Reed himself here at times. This venue is famous for being consistent and always showcasing high quality music. This is also where the Transmission series is organised, with which as stated before, Mike Reed is involved with as a festival producer.

When the time comes, these are some good recommendations for finding excellent music, but it’s just a pinch of sand on a beach in the vast and versatile music scene that it is. So pack your bag up, bring your ears, get ready, and make sure you give yourself enough time to explore this gem of a city.

Loving the Rhythm, respect to the makers

rhythm mike reedThere are of course many reasons why we like, and respect Mike Reed as a musician. But there is also what he does, which is play music, create rhythm and feeling for people. Rhythms are enjoyable no matter what age you are, and no matter what type of rhythm it may be. Simple or complex, it’s something that awakens something within every person. It’s still a mystery today what happens in the brain when we listen to music, but it is a stimulation of some sort, and both you and I know, like the rest, that music makes us feel something. Mike Reed is a man which we hold in high regards, and someone who deserves respect for the his dedication, but also for his talent. His musical talent, although built though many years of practice, experience and love, he also has that little extra which you simply can’t learn. You just have to born with. So hat’s off to you Mr Reed, and thank you for providing us with such pleasurable musical experiences.

New Release?!

mike reed drumOur sources inform us that Mike Reed, will later this year be releasing a duo album with legend saxist Roscoe Mitchell. This album will be called In Pursuit of Magic, of course the prospect of this release is something that excites us here at the fan community. We will be sure to keep our eyes open for this one. Apparently this album will be recorded at Constellation.

Apparently Mike and Roscoe started to play together a couple of years after the musicians co-op was founded, of which Mike was an officer. Mike also played a big role in founding this co-op in the 60’s sometime. When we hear Mike play, we always think it’s magic, but to quote the words of Roscoe; “There is always magic in the air when we are together. I am looking forward to playing with him again.” The release of this album is definitely something to look forward to, and we’ll be doing what we can to give you the latest news on what is going on here, so if you’re a fan, keep an eye on our site as well!

Great feedback for all Mike Reed gigs

We’ve never met with a bad review of anything that Mike Reed has been involved with. If he is acting as a programmer, organiser or as a musician, or all at the same time, it doesn’t matter. He is always on his best performance, and his testament to innovation you can find in the success of the events and gigs he present. His music knowledge runs deep enough, and he can create that thing, which so many of us really likes to enjoy and listen to.

Among the reviews that has crossed my path lately, it’s been described with enormous praise. For instance Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things got described as a class above even the highest skilled jazz bands out there today. Some bands are very tight, but then there’s Mike Reed and this band. We’ve also ran into descriptions like amazing flow, intuitive synchronicity and great feeling, for the live shows. So if the chance to see Mike Reed with any of his projects pops up, we urge you to take it. It’s sure to be better than expected. So treat yourself to something special, and unforgettable.

The Gear

Every musician have their own relationship with their instrument which they play. Mike Reed refers to his friend Han Bennink who when asked if he gets frustrated when playing other peoples drums responded with a simple “No man, I always take my drums with me, they’re in my head”. With this Mike also lives as someone who is one with the music, and the creativity is not bound to any specific object. Mike Reed is a humble person, who will play on what he has, he tends to use objects which he finds, a pot or a pan. He’s even found some old cracked cymbals in his days which he has used.

slideshow_feature_mike-reedFor those who really want to know a bit more, and maybe if you are interested in drumming or drums yourself, we’ll give you a little bit of insider information about the kit that this cultural icon uses. In order to provide you with a good breakdown, we have to specify that this is just based on what he has stated as his standard set up. So here is a breakdown of the things Mike Reed would bring with him for his own setup for a gig. Starting with the drums, there would be a Gretsch Custom, an 18 inch bass drum, a twelve inch mounted tom, a 14 inch floor tom and a 14 inch x 5 1/2 snare. The cymbals which he likes are a 22 inch Spizzachino medium ride, or possibly a 22 inch Zildjian Constantinople Medium Light. Then a 20 inch Istanbul thin ride, a 14 inch Bosphorus Stanton Moore hi hats and lastly, assorted un-identified crash cymbals.

“I’ve been a real Mike Reed fan for years and love everything that he does. I’m hoping one day that he’ll visit me at work so I can meet him in person.” Sarah Thomson therapist and part-time artist.

Just to make sure we give you all the info you need here at the fan page, for the hardware he would use a DW 5000 turbo kick pedal, a DQ 6710 flush base straight stands, and lastly a DW 6500 hi hat stand.

Why we like Mike Reed’s as a musician

A definite community man, someone who helps to inspire both locally and around the world amongst other things. Many people would have an abundance of good things to say about, or for him, as do we. But when placed in front of a drum kit and with a good collection of other musicians there is no parallel to be seen. Mike Reed brings that feeling into the music, which if you know about his music, and have ever seen him live, will know about. Of course there are many years of practice and experience in that body, but the music comes from the soul.

It’s always a pleasure to see good musicians at their best possible environment. Of course Mike Reed is no different. If you like the recorded albums, it’s definitely worth a look into going to a concert of his. He is still touring, so keep an eye out, and make sure to catch him live if you ever get the chance. We highly recommend it and don’t think you will regret it. It’s the experience of a life time, which will remain in your memories always.