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Welcome to the Mike Reed UK Fan Page.

As lovers of arts we want to make some noise about Mike Reed, a fabulous man on the scene as once described by The Times. Not only is he highly skilled, but in his work with and in the genre he is extremely innovative, and very inspiring. You can tell that Mike Reed cares not only for his work, but for the people, and for the community. Taking on new methods and projects as well as keeping the old school alive. He is the driving force behind many big projects and groups to keep informing and educating us on the every so infinite land.

downloadMike Reed grew up in Evanston, and after that he went away to school at the University of Dayton. For him the schooling was a waste of time. When describing his experience when coming to from a little town like Dayton, he says that you never really realise how unprepared you are until you find yourself in that situation. After arriving he worked with a wide range of jobs in order to support himself. Part time office manager, painting houses, building maintenance jobs, working as a janitor, helping people move, even babysitting. Anything you could imagine, this guy has done as a job. With time he also started bar tending, and be able to free up the time he needed to practice, experiment and work on his music.

Richie, a supporter of the site from https://locksmiths-of-bristol.co.uk/ choir has been playing for over 15 years now and has been a keen lover of constructing his own work. ” Yes, you know, I like all genres of but my real favorites are the real sounds. If I could name one of my best artists or producers I would be here for a long time because I think there are some many to choose from. There are many ways to get good on the bass but the most important thing is lots and lots of practise. I have spent years trying to improve and I have to say that Reed’s influence on the genre is a great help and he has really made a fantastic contribution. If you don’t know his stuff then you should really have a good listen to see what you ca learn and begin to appreciate some great talent”

Mike Reed does describe how he felt that everyone was trying to be what he wants to be, but he also saw the realisation in many others that they can’t really find themselves in it. But this is something that is equally arguable for life itself, almost nobody can really fit into it. What then happens when you find friends, musicians and people, who don’t actually fit into it. They have their own ideas, their own will, and their own way to live.

“Since I was learning to play the drums I have always followed Mike’s work and he has been a wonderful inspiration for every aspect of my work as a semi-professional drummer. ” Richard Everett, Drummer, Liverpool.

Music helps you lock in and secure the success of your task

It’s been known for a long time that music works wonders for the mind. Many workplaces, schools and other institutions have banned it not working with it’s full potential.

There are many practical security professionals, locksmiths and other tradesmen and women. Who get their daily dose of music. Whilst installing a new lock, whilst getting a door in place, or when helping you get a home security and burglar alarm system installed.

We suggest that you try it for yourself and experience the benefits of good concentration straight away. You may not be a locksmith security trained professional which allows you the freedom to listen to music at any time during your working hours. A point locksmith Brighton agrees with us on. Of course there is always space for improvement and illumination.

Taking some time out to make sure that the mind feels at home and secure. A small break with some music, will lead you to feel more secure and confident. It might also help you rest better at nights.

24h emergency lockout professionals often use the soothing tones of the night time radio to go out on their lock repair and replacement jobs. It was originally stated that music had to be classical to stimulate. However that notion is like and out of date lock which needs a replacement. Replacement is best done a trained lock professional, and the best choice for you is something you make yourself.

It doesn’t matter what door security installation or window lock upgrade that you are in search for a quote from. If you pay attention you might even hear some of the music that lock and security professionals listen to whilst not on a job. If you hear it there when calling for an emergency locksmith.

Mike Reed; In the spotlight of the Reader

mike reed chicagoreader-logoWe thought it would be a good thing to mention the online article which the reader made for the People Places & Things and Mike Reed at the end of 2013. The reason we want to bring this up, is simply due to the fact that it is not something that is easily achievable. The reader site has a high number of users and not any event will be written about here.

The event which was the object of their article was on one of Mike Reed’s most commercially successful ventures in the project he did called People, Places & Things.
The article gives information on a specific event in, but the interesting part is that the article includes much interesting information about the project.

In the article we can see that one of Mikes Reed’s comments on this project was calling it a means to engage with what Mike sees as a nearly forgotten episode in the vast history of Jazz. It covers how the project became more successful with time, and over the course of creating and recording several records filled with material by local legends such as John Neely and Sun Ra, as well as many other big, and unusual and uncommon things. This also lead to a big concert at Millennium Park where the group performed, only to carry on to Amsterdam where much recording also took place. This too was not a closed project as such and suggestions, changes and new influences and directions were kept open, and local legends to Amsterdam and the improvisation and contemporary music scene there were involved in this process.

Jazz can never return to prominence in the modern day

While that might be a controversial statement for a music page devoted to Jazz as we are. I’m speaking from a personal perspective and I’d ask you to hold off on making an opinion on this statement until I’ve presented my arguments. My first argument is that this statement isn’t exclusive to Jazz but I feel it could be applied to any pure music genre, modern day music is absolutely appalling, with the use of musical algorithms in modern music and marketing of major labels being pushed further and further in peoples faces, there is no possible way that Jazz or any pure genre can come back into prominence. This feeling is increased when I look at the time and money major labels have invested in making sure their artists music is everywhere. Stupid people are out breeding smart people by the second and although I wouldn’t consider myself a hyper intellectual, I also wouldn’t consider myself stupid. The fact of the matter is the general public is incapable of making their minds up themselves when it comes to music, obviously there are exceptions but your average Joe just listens to whatever is on the radio and that’s it. This has made way for musical algorithms to take over music an ruin it. Popular music has become just that, kids feel like if they aren’t on the same trends as everyone else they won’t be popular at school and other social pressures but young adults and adults on the same path to seeking trendiness. This is absolutely heart breaking for me both as a lover of pure and emotion filled music and as an artist myself. MY goal as an artist has always been to produce music that I would want to listen to without crossing over into what other people want to listen to, as this is how i believe you achieve your own personal sound. Secondly music isn’t enjoyable anymore, no one is trying to become a musician for the love of music anymore, instead people are drawn to the fame and stardom reaching a point now where it’s blatantly obvious that these are the appealing factors and are concentrated on more than the actual music itself. Jazz is an form of music that requires personal flavor as it would be very difficult to adjust jazz to the general public’s taste, which despite the way it reads I am more than happy about as it means there talented Jazz musicians out there producing music and with modern apps like spotify it’s becoming increasingly easy to find if you know what sound you’re looking for.

So as it might’ve sounded like I was taking a dig at Jazz in my first statement, on the contrary I’m actually glad that it’s under the radar in today’s time for fear of the genre being ruined and softened up for consumption by the general public, plus I don’t know about you but for me there’s no better feeling than discovering some fresh new music that you’ve never heard before. So for the love of Jazz and all pure music forms, keep it raw, keep it personal, and keep listening to Jazz. to learn more visit our plumbing friends at Plumber Bristol

The music and language comparison

music is languageThere are many today which are discussing music and language in the same context, after all it is part of the human condition and music is something which is communal to all people across the globe. Music itself has no one origin, but has though human history just been found where people are. Some say that people and music are inseparable. Something which also makes sense from the Darwinian perspective. Where sounds is a way of very efficient communication. Those who are trying to learn an instrument, or those who are trying to learn a new language often say that they see and feel the similarities in the two fields. Singing and speaking are not all that different, and the meaning it is loaded with is similar. Beautiful music moves us just as emotional speech moves us. Natural to people is the structure of language, just as the structure of music. We can simply tell when something sounds bad, or wrong or out of tune. What makes sense is the narrative, the context of what is surrounded.

Not so much what you said, even if that also carries meaning, but more about how you say it. The team here are of course crazy about music and jazz, and if you compare it with other genres, you will see why many of the team describe it as a chatty something. Much like the voice in many ways, you may even have seen jazz performances where a lot of voice is also used in the performances. We hope you found this interesting and if you have any questions or suggestions for the team here, feel free to get in touch at any time.

Protect your hearing

earplugsSometimes we forget how lucky we are in this world. The beauty that surrounds us and the wonderful senses we get to experience it through. The colours that pervade through our eyes, the different smell that waft up through our nostrils, the textures we touch, the foods we taste and of course, the sounds we hear. With such a beautiful world it’s important we protect our senses as best we can.

With all the different musical genres available for us to listen to, of course protecting our ears and our hearing is of the utmost importance. Not many people can imagine the pain of being deaf. In fact, a number of people when asked would certainly prefer to lose their sight if given the choice of that or being deaf. For sometimes the sounds our ears pick up convey such a message that we paint an image behind our eyelids anyway. Who needs eyes when it is sounds which can walk you through life and paint and describe images which the real world could not even begin to draw for you. Of course, this is not to advocate disability. No, this is merely to shed wonder on how beautiful the sounds of the world are.

It is for this reason that protecting one’s hearing is so important. With more and more young people now experiencing tinnitus early on in their life through exposure to loud music, it is important that preventative methods are invested in. When anyone goes to a loud music concert, especially when on regular occasions, it is important that the correct earplugs are invested in. Such is the technology these days that earplugs can be ordered to match the fit of your own ear and can vary in decibel reduction range. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sounds of this world, make sure you invest in you ears.

Learn by listening

The best method of learningOne of the most underrated things to practice when embarking on a journey to to master a specific element involved with music, it can be playing an instrument, it can be learning how to compose a masterpiece, or it can just be to accompany dancers or singers or other musicians who know what they are doing. Or at least believe themselves to. If you are a student of any area of music, one of the most vital points, seen as from the point of view that the crew here has. Then likelihood is that you are forgetting to, as we do ourselves, and often. Listening, that’s of course the things on subject here, if you are struggling with moving forward, progressing to the heights of your own capabilities, then listening is the way, the human mind is still a mystery and a miracle, and when engaged with music even more so. Recent studies have shown, in brain scans how the electric activity in the mind spurs and goes haywire when we are engaged with musical activity, even listening. Listening will lead you to insights you could never imagine, suppose they are called realisations, and they can be also revelations.

It can start the revolution of your endeavour and with it it will change how you engage yourself. Learning to play music or to write it, is something which will only add to the pleasure of listening to music, and listening is something that should never be forgotten in the daily practice of any heavily immersed type. Your ears are amazing machines, and your mind can discern as keenly as your eyes, all it needs is practice, attentive practice. Although the mass, how much you do it is important, if you do it without listening we would be tempted to call it useless and a waste of time.


The united sound

making sounds, with body, with mindAs you may well know the sense of sound is transmitted from our finely tuned eardrum to our mind, much like our vision is projected upside down into our heads sparking the neural connections needed for interpretation. We are not asking what the structure of sound is physically, as we know it comes in waves of different frequency, however the structure of music, now that is a much different topic.

You are perhaps aware just how sensitive our ears are, and the ability for the human ear to pick up a large range of sound, simultaneously is immense, as is the capability of the mind to build an overall image. When listening to a symphony orchestra there may be as many as 30 musicians playing at the same time, and in this we no longer hear the individual instruments, other than in solo passages, but an overall mood or feeling of the sound. A sort of colour, a united image, one which has the power to move us.

Specific music types and specific notes, or melodies have similar effect for people of the same culture, and minor key signatures of example are generally interpreted as more sad and melancholy. But of course there are always exceptions, but when speaking in general, this unison of an impression that a multitude of sound leave us with, is what makes us love music the way we do. Big shout to plumbers Bristol.

Music on the streets

the great music of the streetsThere are many people with different opinions on what is generally known as busking. It refers to a musician or a group of musicians playing music on the street with a collection of donations for any by passing audience who enjoys the tunes.
Some see this as begging, others see this as free entertainment. Here we see it as just another thing people do, and whether you have a great appreciation for the music, might depend much on the specific musician you hear. The reason we want to speak about this is simply because the team here feels that the industry of music is changing, and with it so must also the musician. Part of it is to grow presence online and part of it is local promotion that can happen on the streets of the location of the musician, and as you might now, today large companies are monopolising on any individual’s success if the individual is not careful.

It’s important to forget the situation, and just listen for a while, being free of judgement when listening to music is an ideal, and perhaps easier to do when there is no strong lyrical message in it. If you would like to know more about the team’s take on the music industry and on the music that we find on the streets today please get in touch via the page of contact. And if there is something that you would like to add, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

Ear training and the incredibly detailed machinery that is our hearing

music and ear trainingMusic is one of the mysteries in human culture and human history, as far back as we can find traces of our own existence we find traces of music as part of our daily lives. Instruments and sound makers have always been part of human culture, no matter where around the globe you put your magnifying glass. It’s not hard to understand then just how great the mechanism of our hearing is. Fine in detail, so much so that some are even born with what is known as perfect pitch. In this case the individual hear each pitch in a comparable way to the way that you and I see colours. No two distinct sound are the same, that doesn’t mean that being able to name them and recognise them from memory comes without training and practice. In either case, although what is known as perfect pitch is handy, it’s still seen as only an extra, and sometimes even a hindrance in the life of a musician.

Relative pitch is more important in modern music, and terms like psycho acoustic have become more generally used in the daily vocabulary of those who produce music today. Ear training is something, if you wish to do, you can engage with in many ways, scales on an instrument, or using your voice is one great idea to do it, and if you are looking at intervals, the first step to take is the octave. Which is the most easy to recognise. Ear training can be a frustrating ordeal, but it’s also something that you will find the benefit of should you choose to invest time and energy in such a thing. Just remember along the way, that it does work, all you need to do is keep doing it, keep practising with your fullest and best attention, and let time show your effort in the rewards of the task you are doing. Keep strong, keep on it, keep with the oldest of human mysteries, and get in touch with the team here if there are any questions in your mind with regards to the content you find here.

Rhythms cyclical nature

circles and rhythmsWhen you think about a rhythm, a beat, what do you think it actually is. Sure there is something which indicates it, usually a sound. But what are the properties of it. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s all cyclical, it’s a repetition. Something which occurs over and over and over again. And by thinking about rhythms as a circle, say a clock for instance if your imagination is struggling.

It may be easier to understand how it works. If you think about the twelve being the beginning, and each quarter of the clock being a subsequent beat you have the regular 4/4 rhythm, which you hear in the western music of today. If you are not well wandered in the world of music, that may be the majority of what you have encountered, but of course there are many other rhythms, and you can divide your clock into whatever type of parts or units of time you would like to, as long as the circle remains complete and it’s a repetitive loop, there you have a rhythm. The team here hopes that this type of thought will help you in your own musical understanding and if you would like to know more you can always get in touch at any time.

On the contact page you can find how to do that, and if you do make contact, we endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We are always happy when people show an interest in music, and hope that you are one of the many who are interested. It functions both as something fun for the individual, as well as something from the community and some even believe that music can be used to heal the world, if you are in agreement to that it is broken at the present.

The great experience of learning an instrument

The great experience of learning an instrumentAs part of the bucket list for many is the mastering of an instrument, now although mastery might be a common word used, true master takes full dedication and a lifetime of practice, not to forget to mention the incredible amount of luck needed to be born into a rich and culturally developed family which emphasise the importance of culture and music in their child’s upbringing. Even if master is not something that will be reached by the very vast majority, becoming skilled enough to play a few tunes and sound ok to most people is highly possible with hard work. And that is the main point of learning an instrument. It teaches you what is required for the human mind to learn, it shows you the mechanics of your own cognition, and it teaches you that patience is a must, and work is a hundred times more difficult than you would have ever imagined and often without any reward.

So resilience is another thing which learning an instrument teaches you, if you quit, then you failed, if you carry on then you are still trying, and to carry on, even when life is hard, is extremely hard, and although you might not get anything for your fighting and suffering in the end other than the experience of doing it, you will have to live in the hope that it will one day be worth it. Learning an instrument is incredibly valuable to any individual, it shows you how hard life is, how small the rewards are, and how capable you are of doing, and practising, regardless of how you feel. It teaches you how to get things done, even when there is no reason for it at all, and it teaches you that you will never reach the ideal, but you have no choice but to try. A true life lesson, if you survive it.

Drums as a basis for all musical instruments

a great intrument practice backgroundNo matter what instrument or music you are interested in creating or playing, there is always a great base in drums, as a large part of what is natural to people is rhythm, and all music contain this to some extent, even in classical music where the pace of the music can swell and diminish, there is a need to keep the rhythm. So if you are unsure of what to pick when choosing what instrument you want to play, why not follow our favourite musicians path and go for the wide range and huge utility of learning drums. Not only does it challenge you monotonically and teach you the most fundamental part of music today, it’s also fun like you’ve never had before. The team here are of course enthusiastic about the music of Reed our hero, but drums play a large role in most any kind of music which exists in the popular mainstream today. Like any instrument it will of course be challenging at first, but if you keep strong and stick with it there is no doubt that you will find what you seek from it. And as mentioned, that applies also if you are moving on to something different afterwards. If the expense of a drum kit is what is stopping you from starting with the drums, the team here would like to suggest the second hand market, there are many decent kits to be had at a fraction of the new price, meaning that you can get started without too much trouble. Of course the other obstacle is the noise that a drum kit makes, and if you are in a situation where noise is a problem, that is an issue you will have to resolve. But it will happen automatically once you start, as the resolution to this issue comes as the love for drumming and music grows.

Melody instruments and rhythm

melody line
Instruments which sing the melody line of any given piece of music or improvisation are much governed by the same set of framework as any instrument that keeps the rhythm, however, that doesn’t mean that there is no reason for the melody instrument player not to practice this vital part of music. Although when playing with people there are often other instrumentalists who will keep the groove, making it easier, but if you are new to the field of playing with people please bare in mind that it’s something, if you are not used to it, which will take up the majority of your attention. If you are playing a melodic instrument, things to watch out for is the tendency to speed up with excitement, although it happens often, the skill lies in catching it as soon as possible and making a correction before the audience even notice it and interpret it as an expressive way of play rather than a mistake.

A great tip, which each serious instrumentalist must abide by is to ensure that there is a large enough chunk of metronome practice. Though using something to help you set the rhythm in your body you will become more automatic in the tempo, and that is without thought, the only thing that you have to do is practice it. Practice what the motion that you are doing to play your instrument, the full motion, first slowly then faster, but never faster than you can manage to play with a good sound. Instrumental practice can be very difficult, especially with melody instruments and especially with fret-less instruments where intonation is a whole different ballgame. If you are playing or learning an instrument now, the team wishes you the best of luck and encourage you to keep with it and never give up.

All music is singing

all music is singingToday we would like to give you who have taken on the learning an instrument some very valuable advice. We are sure you are currently overwhelmed by all the parts of your body involved and all the senses which require your attention to make things sound as they should. Firstly congratulation on making the decision in the first place, and if you are sticking with it, you like the many who have gone before you will have learned the importance of practice when it comes to music. Practice the motor skill, the ear and perhaps the mind if you are learning to read music or delving into the realm of music theory. The tip of today is: All music is singing.

This is working with our imagination, and if you can imagine it, when you reach a stage of mastering your instrument, you will be able to create and put into the world what you are able to imagine. So practice singing, even the instrument of our favourite jazz hero is one which benefits greatly from the practice of singing what you are trying to play in your head. There are plenty of good ways in which you can do this, sing along to your favourite tunes, and you don’t have to sing the melody or rhythm of the instrument you are practising always either, going outside of your comfort zone helps plenty as well, or improvising some little melody on top of what you are hearing. You may have heard the saying ‘do you know the road to the concert hall? Yes, practice, practice, practice’.

A statement which reveals itself true in a number of ways, and if you keep your practice in mind, not always in body, you will no doubt improve at a greater rate. Stay tuned for more great tips and information from the team here, and if you have questions ping us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can manage.

What does learning a musical instrument and relationships have in common?

learning to play a musical instrumentA silly question you might add. However, if you think about it, it’s not a silly question at all. Falling in love with an instrument is much like falling in love with a person, and remaining in love, or letting that love mature, is much like the love of a person. The reason why many relationships break after a year or two is much the same as someone would quit playing an instrument after initially taking it up. There are special difficulties which only grow with time, and allowing the relationship to change is a must. And as anyone who ever learned, and are still learning to play an instrument will tell you, same as anyone who has been in a long term relationship will tell you. It’s not only good times and fun, there are struggles to overcome, not only of the dramatic and passionate kind. But times of boredom, times of seeing nothing but the pointlessness of it, and times of not having any fun at all are inevitable, and the perseverance is needed in both cases.

As anyone who has done either will tell you though, it’s always worth it, there are few lasting relationships where there is regret at the end, the sticking to it usually always pays off, there is an inevitable maturity which comes from it, both with music and with people. Of course falling in love with a person and an instrument are two completely different things, and the analogy shan’t be taken too far, however, it can be good to remember this in times of trouble, and although it may be hard, trust in the fact that there are few who regret what they have invested, after all it’s love of one kind or another.

Jazz explained in simple terms

loving jazzThere are many who take a specific view on jazz making it less accessible to the general public by covering it in jargon and fancy terms, however this is not something that the team here agrees with. After all music is for everyone, and not for an elite population who had the right background, education and conditions to be included. This is why we would like to speak a little about this specific genre today.

In more traditional ways of playing jazz there is a core structure which is followed, in which a specific and iconic jazz groove is kept, on top of it the different instruments will improvise at their dedicated time. There is an order to how it’s played and each patiently await their turn in the spotlight. Trying to classify jazz in a more general way, with all its sub genres today is a near impossible task, and it would be like trying to classify a broad general term, like music as a whole or for example science as a whole. There is no one way in which you can cover the full spectrum, and people have a taste within jazz just as they tend to gravitate towards a specific preference in music.

What we are sad to see is that many are stopped from exploring jazz due to the general perception of what it is, after all, it’s just music like any, and the human mind is hardwired to discern it. What the team here would recommend for anyone who has had the experience of averting from jazz exploration, is to treat it simply as you treat any music. This advice adheres to anyone who likes music, and by allowing yourself to have a quick peak at a few different things may significantly open your eyes, or your ears as it may be to a something new and wonderful.

The current opportunities to share greatness

a tribute to those who share their great giftAlthough the team here agrees that there is nothing like a life performance, you have to be present to be able to feel the moment though your senses, it doesn’t deny the fact that the wonderful world of sharing things online has hit this generation. If you have ever been to a great gig with your favourite band or artist you know just how important the setting is, and the factor of live performance is. With this in mind it’s also important to remember just how great all humans are at imagining things. So if you see a similar gig on a video online you will be able to project yourself into the situation, if you give the moment that type of attention and not only will you be able to form a good idea of what that experience was like or what you would think of it.

Of course such a video may also spawn memories, and motivation for you to seek a similar experience again. These are all wonderful tools to be used in the work of making music available and accessible to all. As all things of course this instance comes with both good and bad, and with the mass flood of media online it can be difficult to weed out your favourites in a world where everyone has the potential to be the creator, the performer and the artist.

One approach to take is to ensure that you enter good online communities which share content of attractive nature to you. And if you have any suggestions of great videos which you think should be added to our library of favourites here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas!

Engaging the youth with Jazz

engaging young jazz musiciansSomething that we would hope all jazz fanatics are burning to do, as is clear our favourite Mr Reed is also heavily involved with, is ensuring that the new generations to come have the opportunity for jazz music to be a part of their life. For us here part of the work is done by bringing some, what we see as great points of the style into focus, and in this light of course we would also like to bring forth the great talents and efforts of our the genius drummer that this website is dedicated to. Mike Reed, having once been a struggling artist and musician himself is clearly understanding of the difficulties one faces if one is to pursue such a career. With great involvement and continuous work he is also highly adept in ensuring the target audience includes those of younger years.

In a world which is currently exploding in music and creativity, it’s important that also the styles which have historical value as well as a timeless way of communicating with the soul, are brought into the path of those searching the music world today. Being able to reach younger audiences and ensure that although there is entertainment, there is also something else, which is mysteriously engaging for anyone who listens present. This is something that we would say Mike Reed does in fabulous ways. Always with what is trending, and always keeping a red line of the essential artistic quality of jazz. There are few who can manage such a feat in the events they are involved with an organise. So a great thank you to Mike Reed for his hard and continuous work, constantly evolving and with the times, as well as to you for taking the time to come here and read this article.

The amazing feats of drumming

drum kit black and whiteIt doesn’t take a genius to figure out just how difficult it is to co-ordinate the body to keep different rhythms in all the limbs at the same time, not even to mention keeping the tempo. The life of a drummer is no doubt a difficult one filled with practice, listening and exploration. At the same time, drumming is something natural to us as humans, keeping a basic beat is something that most can do without any further practice. In no way is it an easy path that our favourite musician has chosen, but though the work and dedication put in, the genius has come out. All one needs to do is catch him playing and there will be no further explanation required.
Should you ever find yourself exploring the Chicago jazz scene, it is simply a must to look up this most wonderful of a musician and colourful of characters. Full with dedication not only to the music and expression, but also holding the skills to mediate with people, and ensure that the organisation parts which need to happen for any event to happen occurs. We have a lot to be grateful for in this magnificent person.
Bringing you news and little snippets of our minds are what the team here works for, and with a lot of soul at the bottom, we hope to also open the eyes of our readers to the wonderful world of jazz music and particularly the works of our idol Mr Reed. We hope to be an inspiration to you as he is to us. All the best! And until next time!

Everything is rhythm

rhythm though lifeAs drumming fans and rhythm fans we can’t help but see the world of music as the world itself. The thing about sound is that as a human being you cannot turn your ears off, meaning that you always hear, even when are speaking to some extent.

Our mind seems to always be homing in on the repetitive sounds around us, and that is what a rhythm is, something which occurs, and reoccurs over and over again. If you stop on the street, or even in your home, or anywhere of your own choice and preference, you can take a time out to listen. What do you hear? The team here are sure that you will be able to hear at least a few things which sounds like music, rhythm, repetition. Music is natural to people, and it’s the thing which you find throughout history within all human cultures.

When prophets speak of music as an entity which unites us, the team here sees much sense in what they are saying, something so close to us, something so physical, tangible yet eternal, there accessible to anyone who still have their ability to hear, and even if you’ve lost it, if you once did you still have the faculty of imagination, and the mind is mighty good at using that faculty. One which you no doubt practice if you play a musical instrument, listen to music or engage with it in any way or form. Of course here we love music and rhythm, and if you have questions for us, on or off topic don’t hesitate to ping us a message with them.

Some of the most popular jazz instruments

Saxophone 1If you are new to the scene of jazz, perhaps you are wondering about what type of instruments are commonly used by musicians. Of course it is easy to stereotype, and often when one thinks about the music images of jazz bands, saxophones, brass, double bases and so on pop into the thought stream. For the team here of course an instrument is not the definition of jazz, however what we see as some of the most iconic instruments, are the ones which follows in this list.
When it comes to rhythm, of course we have to mention and keep drums in mind, as this is the choice of our favourite rhythm man to whom which this site is dedicated. Second on the rhythm list comes of course some form of bass, double or contra bass is the favourite of many, and the same goes for the team here. After the everlasting possibilities of drums, there is the base which is required.
After the rhythm section we need to move on to an instrument which is often forgotten despite its size. The piano, one of the string instruments we here appreciate the most, and an iconic jazz instrument.
Of course afters strings there are some horns required, and even if saxophone is often the first to spring to mind, one of our favourites here is the trumpet. An instrument which has been involved with some of the most innovative creative advancements within the genre. Worth a mention on this section is also the trombone, simply as it is intensely common and the sound is particular, unique and simply wonderful. If you haven’t given thought to instruments in the jazz scene and would like to, perhaps imagining what you would like to play would be a good idea.

Chicago jazz heroes

Today we would like to bring your attention to a couple of jazz heroes which we don’t only see as performer with great presence and influence, but also as great inspirations, not only in the sense of music, but in the sense of what they represent and stand for. Our favourite drummer is of course only one of the vast number of people in the Chicago jazz scene who are active and pushing for the right things, both within music and as a way of life for people today.

Mike is for the team here a source of great inspiration, so much so that we have dedicated this web page to him, but today we would like to also mention, with honour the couple of pianist Bradley Parker-Sparrow and singer Joanie Pallatto. With great influence, great soul and great music all around this couple have been happily married for over 3 decades, and at that they have separate, yet at times joint careers within music. For us, here is an example of two strongly passionate individuals, who are a living example that the stereo type image of the musicians marriage to music where all things deteriorate other than the musical skill and knowledge.

For the team here, they are living proof to that happy active and independent lives as full time dedicated musicians as well as a successful relationship filled with love and passion is possible. There is nothing to say that one cannot be both a great musician and live a happy and wholesome life. This is the major reason to why we choose to mention them today, as we believe in positive role models rather than negative stereo type. If you have not yet heard any of their tunes, please enjoy one of our all time favourites here, and if there is any feedback you have for us about the webpage, please don’t hesitate to send it to us via the contact page! Enjoy!

Some things about jazz and the genre which you may or may not have known of

The word jazz itself doesn’t really have a very interesting background at all. In its own meaning to jazz, mean to fornicate. So you see why we say that the word is of little importance somehow, since the music is of much greater value then the history of the actual word.

mike reed clip art jazzWhen it comes to mixing, there is nothing like the jazz genre at all, the winner by far in having the most forms of different hybrids. It can contain most things, if not everything which you can actually think of. There is another unique aspect of the jazz, and that is the dance. Deeply intertwined with the history of the music is the different dance styles which have developed into equal amount of hybrid genres in contemporary forms. There is not only the dance styles, but also the specific dance moves that have emerged in the popular culture such as Charleston and Black bottom, The Lambeth Walk and many others.

Another things which we would like to inform about, even if the home of our own musical hearts is in with Mike Reed, is Louisiana as a venue for exploration in the jazz music scene. As this in Louisiana you can find one of the highest concentrated jazz musicians in the world. And should you ever decide to go there you can always taste some of their craw fish, something which they have also grown very reputable over. The only negative thing that we have to say about the place perhaps, is that the politics seem to play a very big role in how people there live their lives. The general public seems to be more effected by the politics there than in other places we’ve read or heard about. Of course in this too we speak only of what we have found in research of what people say, as we have not been there ourselves.

Louis Armstrong’s famous quote

As jazz advocates here of course we want to make sure that the definition of jazz is clear, which is why today we bring up the famous quote of legend Louis Armstrong. If you enjoy jazz music of any kind, which we of course hope you do since you are here at our own favourite jazz drummers fan page, Mike Reed. These famous words is something that you just must know.
When asked the question of what the definition of jazz is, Louis Armstrong stated “If you’ve got to ask, then you’ll never know”.

Music means a multitude of benefits

music is stimulating for the mindFor us here, of course music has played a vast role in each of our lives. And of course it is easy for anyone who holds a great love of music to sing its praise. However, with development, technology and science racing forward at light speed in today’s word many conclusions have been made. When it comes the experience of music, it’s an intimate, close and completely personal experience, often not communicable easily to others. The facts which have come to our awareness is that music has a stimulating effect on the brain, and you do for one, get smarter during the time you listen to music. And it doesn’t need to be music of a particular type, previously it was said it needed to be classical music, however that has now been disputed.
On top of that, the practice of a musical instrument is something which engages the motor functions and helps cognitive development, also in adults. So if you are one of the many who have given thought about learning to play an instrument, but see it as no use due to your age. Think again, no matter when you decide to take such an endeavour on, there are both physical and psychological benefits to not shying away from what may seem a daunting challenge at first. Music has existed from ancient times, and is, as it always has been, a natural part of human culture. Expression, celebration and communication, with each other, with unknown entities and for the experience. So hold no apprehension, get practicing today, and most of all. Remember that learning music is an experience to be enjoyed, not one filled with expectations and demand.

Music, flow and the zone

musical flowMany famous musicians have stated similar things when it comes to performance, some call it “getting in the zone”, or “getting into a flow” or “finding the rhythm”. It doesn’t matter what name you give it, this type of flowing that is experienced by many musicians and artists alike, especially during performance and improvisation are instances where the conscious mind is perfectly in sync with the present moment. Where as a creative creature events unfold in a focused way, yet we are more like an observer. In the case of many musicians are reported such states where they feel as a direct link to something, without the interference of rationalising thoughts. This is perhaps the reason to why music and sound is also linked to many spiritual practices.

Reaching such a state is most common for those who have spent many years mastering a technique, an instrument or an art form, but possible for us ordinary lay men to access in briefer moments of time if we are awake enough to recognise them when thy occur.

It’s no secret, that we great musicians gather and find this mystical flow, great things happen, and of course if it is in a performance scenario there is also a communication, or a conversation between the listener and the person playing. Getting into a flow of listening, active part taking, and allowing whatever response happens to you due to the sound is a form of engagement, and in many of our idol’s performances if you pay close attention to the drums, and let the repetitive, changing and innovative creative rhythms take you, well you will form you own experience of it. So lastly, we would like to once again recommend that you go to a Mr Reed concert if you ever have the chance, it’s a decision we are sure you will not regret.

Jazz and music, a part of culture

the jazz music cultureThinking, speaking about and listening to music is something which is, and has been a natural part of human history. And for a few lucky souls, of course playing an instrument, or creating music. Our favourite drummer Mike is of that sort, and here is an example of someone with both brilliance and dedication. Someone who cares for the art from yet understands that music is something that I suppose to be for anyone and everyone. So no matter if you are a player, composer, jammer, listener or part taker in any other way, with the beats of our favourite jazz drummer you will no doubt find yourself inspired beyond your current capabilities.
Bringing the life in to living, is one description of his musical involvement which has been uttered by a fan, and this is closely accurate, as far as describing sounds in words can go. But of course in reality, you must of course experience to be able to get the full idea. This is why we encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity to catch a live performance, to jump on the chance.
It’s no secret that music is an integral part of human culture, and looking back at history you can see that we were singing, drumming, making all forms of music as early as we started to communicate with sounds. It’s ancient and intuitive, which may be part of the reason to why we enjoy it so greatly.
Of course the sounds and music that come from the different continents of the world has developed differently, but just like in language and human expression there are some things which are common across all.

The home of Jazz

mike reed jazz and chicagoWe would like to write a little about the current jazz scene in, one that our favourite drummer and master musician is very much a part of. Finding your way around the night life and the scener is not something one does in one night, it’s a big town, and the Jazz is so present that you feel it in the air. Finding what is good, and what is right for you is most definitely something which is easier done if you have a little bit of help along the way. Here we want to drop in some names of some good clubs to visit should you ever have the great pleasure and opportunity to land in such a place.

Ensuring that you land in places which have earned their reputation, The Green Mill is a legendary cocktail and jazz lounge where many of the great names have been filling and making the atmosphere for decades. Having become a great part of the jazz scene with several floors and great garden to enjoy. ” I visited and loved it”. Dave a Manchester Locksmith.

Another name to remember, and easily so is the hungry brain, this name of course makes sense especially when you add the element of jazz music into the mix. Here on of Mike Reeds biggest ventures also had great involvement, as Umbrella Music here presented the Transmission series. This series is one completely immersed, and without commercial aims, only for the love and dedication to real authentic jazz music.
Of course if you are in the jazz scene is something which has to be explored, this is the home of for us the best all round drummer currently, and if you are lucky you may also be able to catch him in performance there.

A little bit about Buddy Rich

buddy richSomeone we are sure our own hero Mike Reed looks up to, and of course someone which we, together with many see as the one of the greatest jazz musicians that ever lived. Namely Buddy Rich and his legendary skills on the drums. For those of you who don’t know this name, we’ll tell you a little bit about him.

It’s quite a famous and popular story that he had his first stage appearance at just eighteen moths of age where he performed with his parents. After this he grew up in the performer way being a child star, he continued on with many projects, and lead many of his own bands, as well as partook in the music projects and the bands which other people had formed. He was famous not only for the feeling he brought to the music, but also his incredible technique and amazingly clean sound regardless of speed and volume. Should you be interested in looking up a bit more about Buddy Rich we recommend our favourite releases; Big Swing Face and Mercy.