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Lock in the date for your yearly big music event

The key to a happy life is music. That is what some see as a simple and highly secure point. Each to their own. But it’s no secret that music is something we all share. In every culture around the globe, including your local one. There is sound as a key element. That can be stated with the highest of security.

Fans of music, key, lock and security professionals often use music and radio as something to help them get through the day. No matter what job, lockout, key duplication or lock change. A local locksmith professional will often have music accompanying their work. If it’s not offensive to the client. If nothing else there will always be jazz booming out from the car stereo on the way to for example a lockout situation.

It’s suggested that you treat yourself every so often. Once a year is what many trained security specialists recommend to get out of your comfort zone. To go out of your way, and to listen to something you really like live. Now that doesn’t have to be jazz or Mike’s music. But seeing you here, we assume the genre and the genius is something you also like.

The rejuvenation that being blown away by a performance is immense. The relief of being regaining access after you’ve suffered a lockout situation. Feelings worth cherishing. Keep them securely locked away in your heart and reminisce from the comfort of your warm home.

This page has been sponsored by the kind Locksmiths team who are keen jazz fans and are more than happy to fund the further development of the quality work of the UK Mike Reed fan club page. Make sure that if you’re locked out or need an emergency locksmith that you contact our sponsor. It is with their generous support that we are able to keep this great website going as the money is used to pay for the hosting and upkeep of the website. So a big musical shout out to them!

Musical knowledge, experience and education

Approaching the fieldAs with so many things in music, there is no real set definition to what musical knowledge is, and if you know something that is about music, it could be classified as such, without any argument against it from our side here. Learning about music is always worth it, and building your own skill and musical knowledge is important, much more important than to care too much about what the definition of the term actually is. Everything from the physical skill to play an instrument, to sing or to compose and write music, or to perform it, all of it goes within that category of musical knowledge, seeing that it is correct. Having said that though, there are no rights and wrongs within music, only our perception, the detailed and trainable ear of the human, and what the traditionalists tell us is right.

However we can choose what to listen to, also when it comes to facts, as we can naturally discern music as a species. Some say that what we hear as music is largely determined by the culture that we grow up in and the environment that our parents bring us up in. Unfortunately so many homes today are filled with parents who have no musical interest and end up damaging their children through poor taste, never teaching them anything that they need to know, and not stressing the importance of learning music will leave you with a child that has much less opportunity than all the rest. Though depriving your children of good music they will have much less chance of a good life, the team here knows that it’s not any ones particular fault if you don’t have good music taste, but to fail to even try to provide something decent is a failure as a parent to the team here.